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Dhanalakshmi Mahal – Best Marriage Hall – Mahal in Redhills – Chennai

Dhanalakshmi Mahal is located in Chennai-Redhills which is one of the best marriage halls in Redhills where you can find all essential amenities for your wedding and other special occasions.


Dhanalakshmi Mahal architecture is such luxurious ambiance which is designed for both small and fat wedding. Almost everyone would fall for it by glancing at its majestic architecture and classy entrance. The interiors are no less than a palace with dual colored tiles and ceiling with multicolored lightening, intricate designs and chandeliers giving a royal look for the marriage hall.

  • Hall Capacity – 1200 nos.
  • Floating – 800 nos
  • Dining hall capacity – 300 nos.
  • A/C Rooms – 14 nos.
  • Make-up Room – 1 nos.
  • Car Parking – 60 nos.
  • Bike Parking – 100 nos.


Grand Dining hall along with a buffet area which is fully air-conditioned with a capacity of 300 nos. The kitchen is connected with this hall separate store room and goods life are provided for your convenience. The kitchen is designed with all safety measures.

A/C Rooms

Rooms are completely furnished with designed false ceiling. In dhanlakshmi mahal they provide you 14 rooms along with the marriage hall. Each room has unique decor.

Lift service

Life service is provided for the convenience of guests.

Car/Bike Parking

Car/Bike parking area to park your vehicle safely.

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